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Wooden Rocking Chairs

There is something awfully comforting about sitting in a rocking chair. The gentle motion can almost put you to sleep, or at least help you take your mind off of anything stressful. The problem that most people face with their rocking chairs is that the comfort only lasts for a short time. The wooden chair is rigid, and pretty soon the stress returns in the form of back pain.

At Lindau Woodworks, I make rocking chairs that are comfortable for as long as you want to sit in them. I use a coopering technique that creates a curvature in the chair. This allows you to sit naturally and receive the lumbar support you need to relax. My chairs can take the place of any chair you might already own. The only difference is, along with being uncommonly comfortable, my chairs are also extremely beautiful.

Wooden Rocking Chair Designs
My rocking chairs are often referred to as art furniture. It is a fitting name, because they have been displayed as showpieces in many homes. They have also been called wood sculptures, and have rested in rooms with masterpieces hanging on the walls. Unlike those works of art though, my chairs can be customized, and they can be used for a practical matter.

My standard chair design is meant to accommodate people anywhere from 5'6" to 6'1". If you are shorter or taller than that, I can redesign the chair to make it fit just right. When you sit in one of my chairs, you will know that it was built just for you, and you will be able relax and unwind in the most comfortable chair you've ever owned.

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