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Handmade Rocking Chairs

At Lindau Woodworks, I design and build handmade rocking chairs that are unlike any other chairs on the market. My designs are original, but that isn't the only thing that sets them apart. My chairs are both comfortable and beautiful. They are designed to fit the curve of the human body. They provide lumbar support, and allow you to sink into them as though you are sitting in an upholstered chair.

My chairs and other furniture designs have been displayed as pieces of fine art or sculptures, so they can function as the decorative heart of a room, while also serving as the best seat in the house. Regardless of your height or weight, I can make a chair that is suited to you and is sure to become your favorite spot to relax and unwind.

Types of Handmade Rocking Chairs
I generally use domestic woods when making my rocking chairs, but I do use exotic woods for accenting sometimes. Both of these styles can be seen in my recent work that includes an Oregon Black Walnut chair with quilted backrests and accents, a Cherry rocking chair with Curly Maple backrests, and a quarter sawn Sycamore rocking chair with Makore. Even when using only American wood, I still take design elements and inspiration from other countries and cultures. Customers love my creations because they are truly unique--no one else will have your rocking chair.

You can view my chairs and take pieces from each to create an entirely new design. For instance, I can combine the base of one chair with the backrest of another, and the arms of a third. Once a style has been decided on, I can customize the chair for you, making it a one-of-a-kind heirloom.

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