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Handmade Furniture

Handmade furniture should be built in such a way that it can be passed on from parent to child to grandchild. It should be an heirloom that does not bend or break after a few short years. Handmade furniture should, like sculpture and fine art, be enjoyed for generations.

The furniture I design and build at Lindau Woodworks can last a lifetime. The hutches, curio cabinets, and rocking chairs I make are heirlooms. That doesn't mean they can't be used, though. The furniture I build for you can serve as a centerpiece for a room, but it can also fulfill its practical duties. Chairs are meant to be sat upon, and my chairs are some of the most comfortable you can find. They are designed to almost embrace you when you sit down, so you can use them as your primary piece of furniture for years to come.

Pricing Handmade Furniture
I can create a variety of custom furniture designs. My work is done predominantly in wood, but I often use stained glass when building cabinets. The cost of my custom pieces ranges from $2,500 to $4,000. I can also create more intricate stained glass designs for a slightly higher price. Customers who have purchased stained glass pieces from me have fallen in love with the finished product; the mix of colors and textures creates a beautiful piece of one-of-a-kind furniture.

A rocking chair order generally takes two to three months to fill. An order for a custom piece of furniture will take anywhere from four to nine months. I handle every step of the process on my own. I don't hand the work off once I have come up with a design. Seeing a project through from beginning to end allows me to create handmade furniture that is both beautiful and durable, and it shows in the finished product.

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