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Fine Furniture

The introduction of fine furniture into a room can serve the same purpose as hanging a fine art in a room. Furniture can be the center of attention, adding style and a dramatic flair, and it can function as a conversation piece. Handcrafted, customized furniture should be looked at in the same way as sculpture. Each finished product will be different, but the craftsmanship should be evident in all of them.

The fine furniture I create at Lindau Woodworks is different from the majority of pieces available today. Every rocking chair, curio cabinet, and hutch is designed and constructed by me. I use the finest domestic and foreign woods in everything I make, and I can also incorporate the use of stained glass and other materials for embellishment. These small touches can transform a piece into a truly special item, worthy of being passed down for generations.

Customizing Fine Furniture
When you order a piece of furniture from Lindau Woodworks, you are ordering an original. I take the time to construct pieces that suit my buyers' needs; I am not locked down to one style of design. Instead, I take my inspiration from a variety of cultures, mythologies, and motifs. This result of the labor of love is a collection of truly one-of-a-kind works.

Whether you are interested in a chair, a corner cabinet, or an entire set, I can customize the work for you. I can discuss design elements with you before production begins, and I can even use any pictures you might have that hint toward a specific look or ornamentation you are interested in. My customized pieces vary in price, but they tend to cost between $2,800 and $4,000. For a unique and beautiful piece of furniture, it's worth the investment.

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