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Custom Made Furniture

At Lindau Woodworks, I pride myself on being able to find structural solutions to new designs. This has allowed me to create unique pieces that are the perfect mesh of form and function. In appearance, they are unmatched, often being displayed side-by-side with masterworks of art. However, at the end of the day, they are even more comfortable than they are beautiful. For example, my rocking chairs are coopered. This technique allows for a curvature in all of my designs, and it means that when you sit down, you will feel as though you are being cradled.

Along with chairs, I can create customized hutches, cabinets, and more. If you have a specific motif you would like me to use, you can send me photographs, paintings, or other images, and I can incorporate them into my design. You can also look at some of my past work online, and combine features from each to create an entirely original piece.

Ordering Customized Furniture
Lindau Woodworks is a one-man operation. I don't outsource any of the work for any project. I handle design, construction, and even delivery. This ensures that your furniture will be finely crafted, and built to stand the test of time. My works are heirloom pieces, meant to be passed down for generations.

Custom orders generally take four to nine months to complete. When you place your order, a 50 percent deposit is required, the balance of which will need to be paid before delivery. My customized furniture designs range from $2,800 to $4,000. Each order is sent through a fully-insured trucking company.

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