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Custom Hardwood Furniture

The custom hardwood rocking chairs I create at Lindau Woodworks are more comfortable than most finely upholstered chairs on the market. However, their beauty and originality goes far beyond that of most their upholstered counterparts. My chairs have been created to serve as the primary piece of furniture in a room, as well as the primary design element of a room. They can be seen as sculptures or works of art, but they are still meant to be sat upon--a rarity in stylized furniture.

My curio cabinets are as varied as the items that are generally put in them. I can construct pieces from solid Cherry, or I can use Ash and Walnut. I can even add doors of stained glass for a more dramatic and textured look. I have the ability to customize my hardwood furniture for my clients however they want. The finished products will last a lifetime, and they will always maintain their effectiveness as well as their beauty.

Creating Custom Designs
Many people get a bit frightened when they think about custom designs, because they believe they will have to come up with all of the ideas themselves. This is not the case. I can use any ideas or images you might have, but those things are not required. We can discuss what look you are going for, or you can search through my past creations to find design elements that interest you.

I handle all aspects of custom hardwood furniture on my own. This means that I can see a design all the way through. It will not be passed onto someone else and misinterpreted. The process of developing and constructing a custom design can take as little as four months or as long as nine months. If intricate stained glass designs are involved, the process can take longer and it will be more expensive. However, the beauty of the end product is well worth it.

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