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Corner Cabinets

In most cases, corner cabinets serve simply as a means for storage. Tucked away in a corner, they do not take up a lot of room, but they can hold quite a bit. People will sometimes put up corner cabinets in cramped areas like bathrooms or garages, just to give themselves a little extra space.

Believe it or not, corner cabinets can be the focal point of any room design. At Lindau Woodworks, I create corner cabinets and other furniture pieces that are strong enough to serve their practical purpose, but stunning enough to function as design center pieces. Even when resting in a corner, my cabinets can complement the decor of a room, or determine what the decor should be.

Types of Corner Cabinets
Most of my pieces are primarily constructed with domestic hardwoods, many of which are found in the Appalachian region in the western part of North Carolina. Woods such as Cherry, Walnut, and Curly Maple can be used to create furniture that will not bend or break over the years. My corner cabinets are heirloom pieces that will last through the generations.

I can also incorporate the use of exotic woods and stained glass into my corner cabinet designs. I often create stained glass doors that feature simple or intricate patterns; in fact, these are some of my most beautiful pieces. I can also customize the height and size of the corner cabinets to your liking. This will ensure that the furniture is not too large for a particular room, and it will allow for the amount of storage space you require without compromising style.

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